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Landlords Guide to Buy-to-Let in Harrow

Investing and letting in Camden

Investing in buy-to-let property in Camden can be an interesting opportunity for potential landlords. However, there are several financial factors that should be taken into consideration before making a decision to invest. In this blog post, we will delve into the key financial factors that can impact the success of your investment in Camden.

Average Rents

The average rent for a 1 bedroom flat in Camden is currently around £1,500 per month, while a 2 bedroom flat can fetch around £2,200 per month. A 3 bedroom flat can have an average rent of £3,000 per month. These numbers are significantly higher than the average rents in the rest of London, which are around £1,500, £2,000 and £2,500 for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom flats, respectively.

Rental Yield

The rental yield is another important factor to consider when investing in buy-to-let property in Camden. The average rental yield for a 1 bedroom flat in Camden is around 4%, for a 2 bedroom flat it is around 3.5% and for a 3 bedroom flat, it is around 3%.While this is lower than the London average, the area still has interesting potential for investment due to high rental demand.

Rental Demand

With a growing population and a high demand for rental properties, the demand for rental properties in Camden is consistently on the rise. Currently, there is an average of around 3 tenants per property in Camden, higher than the average in London of 2 tenants per property.

House Prices

The average house prices in Camden are also important to consider when investing in buy-to-let property. The average price for a 1 bedroom house in Camden is around £600,000, for a 2 bedroom house it is around £800,000, and for a 3 bedroom house it is around £1 million. These prices are higher compared to the average house prices in London, which are around £500,000, £700,000, and £950,000 for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom houses, respectively.

In conclusion, with higher average rents and rental yields compared to the rest of London, and a growing rental demand, Camden has great potential for landlords. However, it’s important to also take into account the higher house prices in the area. By carefully considering these financial factors, you can make a well-informed decision and potentially reap the rewards of a successful investment in Camden.


Camden’s Housing Market and Transport Links

If you’re considering Camden as a potential location to invest, there are a few key things to keep in mind about the local housing market and transport links. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the type and volume of residential properties in Camden, the balance between rental and owner-occupied housing, the average house prices, and the age of the housing stock. We’ll also cover the transport links in Camden and how they compare to the average in London.

Housing Stock 

The housing market in Camden, London is thriving, with a variety of 1, 2 and 3 bed flats and houses available for purchase or rental. According to recent data, the volume of each type of property can be broken down as follows:

1 Bed Flats: In Camden, the volume of 1 bed flats has remained relatively stable over the past year, with approximately 2,500 units available on the market. This type of property is popular among young professionals, couples and retirees, and is often seen as a more affordable alternative to larger homes.

2 Bed Flats: The volume of 2 bed flats in Camden has been steadily increasing over the past few years, with over 4,000 units now available. This type of property is particularly sought after by families and individuals who require more space and is also popular among landlords looking for investment opportunities.

3 Bed Houses: The volume of 3 bed houses in Camden is relatively low compared to other types of properties, with only around 1,500 units available. This is due to the high demand for larger homes, which often results in a lower number of properties being available for purchase or rental.

It’s worth noting that the figures mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on the specific location within Camden, as well as the time of year and market conditions. However, overall, Camden continues to be a popular and sought-after area for those looking for a home in the heart of London.

Rental vs Owner-Occupied 

In terms of rental versus owner-occupied housing, Camden has a higher proportion of rental properties than the average for London. Around two-thirds of properties in the borough are rented, with the remaining third being owner-occupied. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a buy-to-let investment, as it will affect the demand for rental properties in the area.

Average House Prices

The average house prices in Camden are also important to consider when investing in buy-to-let property. The average price for a 1 bedroom house in Camden is around £600,000, for a 2 bedroom house it is around £800,000, and for a 3 bedroom house it is around £1 million. These prices are higher compared to the average house prices in London, which are around £500,000, £700,000, and £950,000 for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom houses, respectively.

Age of the Housing Stock

Camden has a mix of old and new properties, with a significant number of new build properties in the area. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a buy-to-let investment, as newer properties are often more attractive to renters and can command higher rental prices.


Camden has a number of train stations, including Camden Road, Kentish Town West, and Kentish Town, which provide easy access to central London. The borough is well served by the Northern Line, which runs from High Barnet to Morden via central London. The Overground line also runs through Camden, providing a quick and convenient route to destinations across London.

There are also a number of bus links in Camden, including several night bus routes. The bus links in the borough are extensive and provide easy access to central London and other parts of the city.

Commute times in Camden are relatively short, with easy access to central London. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a buy-to-let property, as it will affect the demand for rental properties in the area.

In conclusion, the housing market in Camden London is attractive with a variety of properties available for purchase or rental. The borough has a higher proportion of rental properties compared to the average in London and the average house prices are higher than the average in London. There is a mix of old and new properties in Camden, with new build properties being more attractive to renters. Camden also has a good transport network with train stations, bus links, and quick access to central London. These factors should be considered when choosing a buy-to-let investment in Camden.

The Demographics of Camden’s Population

Camden is one of the most vibrant and exciting boroughs in London. From its rich history as a centre of industry and transportation to its current status as a hub of culture and creativity, Camden has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a local resident, a visitor, or an investor, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this bustling corner of the capital.


The population of Camden stands at approximately 246,000 people, making it one of the larger London boroughs. This population is growing, with the borough experiencing a steady increase in population in recent years. This growth is in line with the average for London as a whole, but it’s worth noting that Camden is more densely populated than the average London borough.

When it comes to the age of the population of Camden, it’s a relatively young borough compared to the UK average. The largest age group in Camden is those aged 25-34, with around 30% of the population falling into this category. This is a higher proportion than the average for the UK, and it’s a reflection of the vibrant and youthful culture that is found in Camden.

Employment rate

The employment rate in Camden is also strong, with a high proportion of the population in work. Around 74% of the population are in employment, which is above the average for the UK. This is due in part to the presence of a number of major employers in the area, including the British Library, the University College London, and a range of cultural institutions.


Camden is one of the best-educated boroughs in the country. The level of educational attainment is high, with around 60% of the population holding a degree or equivalent. This is well above the average for the UK, and it’s a reflection of the strong tradition of academic excellence that is found in the borough. There are also a significant number in Camden due to its proximity to several universities and colleges in the city centre. This means that the student population is a key part of the local community, and it brings a youthful energy and vibrancy to the area.

Crime rate

It’s worth mentioning the crime rate in Camden. While it’s true that all areas of London have some level of crime, Camden is generally considered to be a safe place to live and work. The crime rate in the borough is below the average for London, and it’s a safe and secure place to call home.

 In conclusion, the population of Camden is one of the key factors to consider when investing in a buy-to-let property here. With its young and educated population, strong employment rate, and vibrant student community, Camden is a dynamic and attractive place to live. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home, or an investment opportunity, Camden is an excellent choice.

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