Important Links for Landlords and Letting a Property in Wimbledon

  • London Borough of Merton: 020 8545 3233,,
  • HMO licence contact: 020 8545 3888,,
  • Council tax website:
  • Civic amenities website:
  • Website for list of Wimbledon schools:
  • Trading standards contact: 020 8545 4142,,
  • EPC register contact: 0333 241 2435,,
  • Waste collection contact number: 020 8545 4142,,
  • GSC register contact: 020 8545 4142,,
  • List of postcodes in Wimbledon: SW19 1AA, SW19 1AB, SW19 1AD, SW19 1AE, SW19 1AF, SW19 1AG, SW19 1AH, SW19 1AJ, SW19 1AL, SW19 1AN, SW19 1AP, SW19 1AQ, SW19 1AR, SW19 1AS, SW19 1AT, SW19 1AU, SW19 1AW, SW19 1AX, SW19 1AY, SW19 1AZ, SW19 1BA, SW.

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